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Slicer machine TSL-370BH

Top Advantages


  • Control system via touch screen and saving parameter values.
  • Maximum cross section (W x L x H): 35 x 10 x 70 cm.
  • Products temperatures -2 to -4
  • Cutting speed: 250 cut/min. The cutting has precise quality of servo motor.
  • The slicer thickness from 1.0 mm. to 35 mm.


          The professional slicer machine for the trades and industrial production sites. TSL-370BH are designed for high-capacity bulk applications including the servo motor for higher stable cut-off blade and support frame for an accurate and clean cut. simply SMART & EASY. Different to other slicers.

          The TSL-370BH feeds the products with a positive drive flighted indexing system to the blade. Also available in various languages to choose on the screen. Low maintenance costs due to the    maintenance-free servo-motor. Easy cleaning, low noise level, high energy efficiency thanks to the most modern control and drive technology.